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Who is this guy?

And why the hell would anyone slice his heart?

Four years after leaving brazilian indie band Devise to become a surgeon, Rafael Carvalho rediscovered his music as soon as he could, while driving along the countryside roads of Minas Gerais.  He spent a few months recording his songs with friends at Ilha do Corvo Studios (Belo Horizonte), under the name of Sliced ​​Hearts.

The result is “Solitude Daydream”, an EP carved among the mountains of Minas Gerais in a melancholic atmosphere, influenced by alt-country, rock and folk artists such as Wilco, Drive-By Truckers, The War on Drugs, Phoebe Bridgers, Neil Young  and Tom Petty. Produced, recorded, mixed and mastered by Leonardo Marques (Transmissor, Diesel/Udora).


Quatro anos após deixar o posto de baixista da banda Devise para se tornar cirurgião, Rafael Carvalho redescobriu sua música assim que pôde, enquanto dirigia pelas estradas do interior de Minas Gerais. Passou alguns meses gravando suas composições com amigos no Estúdio Ilha do Corvo (Belo Horizonte), sob o nome de Sliced Hearts. 

O resultado é o EP “Solitude Daydream”, entalhado entre as montanhas mineiras numa atmosfera melancólica, sob influência de artistas alt-country, rock e folk como Wilco, Neil Young, Drive-By Truckers, The War on Drugs, Phoebe Bridgers, Bruce Springsteen e Tom Petty. Produzido, gravado, mixado e masterizado por Leonardo Marques (Transmissor, Diesel/Udora).

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29/01: "Even When I''m Losing" (Single)

12/02: " Locking Ourselves In" (Single)

26/02: "Solitude Daydream" (EP)



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